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What is PHP and Why Do Students Look for a PHP Tutor?

PHP is a general-purpose server-side scripting language that is used worldwide for web development and for developing applications that can capture, store, and view data. It is a highly versatile language and its open-source tools and fast processing make it the most preferred language used by the majority of developers. PHP has been used to power some of the most popular web platforms such as Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress, Yahoo, MailChimp, etc. Besides being highly adaptive, PHP is also the easiest to learn amongst all the web languages. You can combine PHP with HTML and CSS and its syntax is also simple to understand. It is for this reason that computer science students interested in coding, usually start with PHP. They either enroll in online courses or join a PHP Bootcamp to grasp the language quickly.

While these methods are good enough to get students started on simple codes for academic purposes, superficial knowledge becomes a major setback when they are required to perform complex coding at a professional level. Therefore, students who want to make a career in web development search for “PHP tutor near me” because they want to understand the language in depth before putting it on their resume and for which they require the assistance of a PHP tutor.

Also, many students are not introduced to PHP in college but they are genuinely interested in becoming a PHP developer. Since enrolling in full-time programming courses can be expensive, the more affordable and convenient option is to learn the language with online PHP tutors. And even if students enroll for such courses, the fast-paced and competitive environment of the classroom doesn’t let them understand complex concepts in detail for which they have to rely on outside help of a PHP programming tutor. 

Why Is It Better to Learn with a PHP Tutor?

Since PHP is quite easy to pick up, instead of investing in a PHP programming tutor, students and aspiring coders decide to learn it on their own for free through online tutorials and crash courses. While these tutorials enable you to begin coding in just a few hours, what they don’t teach you is coding the right way. As a result, coders are prone to developing bad habits that may not go down well with employers. However, studying with a PHP tutor at Fine Grades will not only help you learn the language in a concrete way, but you will also learn to code using the best practices. Learning the right way to do things from an experienced tutor will create a solid foundation for you on which you can build a fulfilling career as a computer programmer.  

Why Should You Choose Online PHP Tutors Over Traditional Tutors?

Several studies have been conducted to prove that students who opt for online tutoring perform better than students who take tuitions in a conventional setup. A couple of factors contribute to this fact, the first being that you save both time and money as you do not need to travel to and fro to study with your PHP tutor in person. Plus, you are not at the mercy of your tutor for tuition timings or dependent on his/her availability. Opting for an online tutor gives you the flexibility to plan your study hours as per your convenience. You can also receive custom-made lessons from a tutor that too while sitting on your couch. Online tutors are ideal for students who hesitate in asking questions in class. Being online they can comfortably interact with their PHP programming tutor via chat or live video and get instant solutions for all their queries.

Another important reason for choosing online over traditional is that tuition centers today are choc-o-block with students which again dissolves the purpose of hiring a private PHP tutor. On the other hand, online PHP tutors are solely dedicated to you and your academic goals. Also, it is much easier to find a good tutor online rather than searching for a “PHP tutor near me”. You are no longer dependent only on PHP programming tutors in your vicinity, but can have access to the best tutors residing in different parts of the world.

Can A Fine Grade’s PHP Tutor Help Me Learn Quickly?

Online PHP tutors at Fine Grades are all working professionals who understand the value of time in a coder’s life. Hence, they try to put their best foot forward to ensure that the knowledge transfer happens quickly and seamlessly. How do they do that you may ask?

Private PHP tutors at Fine Grades do not straight away jump to explaining the concepts of the language, rather they spend some time initially to understand your current understanding of the language, your skill sets, your academic requirements, as well as what learning style you are most comfortable with. Some students better understand concepts through visuals while others prefer notes. So, based on all the information above they customize your tutoring sessions to focus on areas that require more attention and sprint through the topics that you are already confident with. The time thus saved could be used to practice coding along with your tutor. They also use the interactive whiteboard which makes it much easier for you to follow their instructions.

Also, our tutors do not restrict the sessions to the prescribed syllabus only but go a step further to introduce you to the challenges that you may face while working as a professional and the best ways of dealing with criticalities. They are abreast with the latest developments in the programming arena so whatever information is shared with you is up-to-date and industry-relevant. They also make sure that once the course is complete, you are ready to face the industry head-on and have top PHP developer skills up your sleeve.

Concepts Covered By PHP Programming Tutors

Whether it is your first encounter with PHP or you have already been coding for a while, at Fine Grades our tutors can help you with both basic and advanced PHP topics. Listed below are the concepts for which you can get expert guidance from our online PHP tutors.

  • Variables and operators
  • Arrays and array functions
  • Control structures
  • OOP in PHP4 and PHP5
  • External files
  • SQLite
  • MySQL database form PHP
  • Error Handling
  • PHP Login
  • PHP Ajax
  • APIs
  • Database
  • Debugging and deployment
  • Nginx and PHP fundamentals
  • Laravel
  • Sessions and cookies
  • Basic error handling and security
  • Web application implementation
  • Mainstream extensions
  • RSS news aggregator creation
  • Form, frameworks, and design patterns
  • Patterns and practices
  • Performance and scaling
  • Drupal
  • PEAR
  • PHP Shell scripting

Career Options for PHP Developers

There is a great demand for skilled coders, including beginners, who can code in this general-purpose programming language.  Profiles like web designers, webmasters, and web architects require candidates who are proficient in PHP.

Some of the tasks that PHP developers are hired for include:

  • Desktop Application Development
  • Compiler Based Applications
  • Server-Side Scripting
  • Command-Line Scripting
  • Database Management Systems

To land high-paying jobs in PHP development, in addition to having command over PHP, you must also acquire the following skills:

  • Working knowledge of other scripting languages
  • Understanding of PHP-based frameworks
  • Knowledge of OOPS and API
  • Understanding of Ubuntu, Linux OS, etc.
  • Certifications in MySQL

Why Choose Online PHP Tutors At Fine Grades?

Certified Tutors

Fine Grades has a force of certified PHP developers who are willing to share their expertise by tutoring aspiring coders. Each one of them has exceptional command over PHP and brings along years of industry experience. Every tutor enlisted with us goes through a strict screening process and is selected only after a thorough background check. Besides being experts in programming our online PHP tutors also have a pleasing personality.  They try to make you comfortable right from the first session so that you do not hesitate in asking any question.

Tailor-Made Sessions

Our tutors are well aware that one size doesn’t fit all. Therefore, at Fine Grades, you get customized tuitions based on your level of understanding with a focus on your weaker areas. Our tutors also try to make each session fun and engaging by using different teaching methods such as audio/visual aids, presentations, images, quizzes, mock tests, etc. so that you look forward to your tutoring sessions.

Flexible Timings

At Fine Grades you are not dependent on the availability of the tutor to get help with PHP. Rather you can schedule your sessions as per your convenience. Our tutors are very flexible with their timings and are available even at the wee hours.

Live Learning Platform

At Fine Grades you can take advantage of our excellent Live Learning platform that makes online tutoring as comfortable as conventional tuitions. Connecting with online PHP tutors via live chat or video gives you the feeling of being in the same room with your tutor. Another advantage of our learning platform is that it can be accessed via your phones and tablets, so you can reach out to your tutor from anywhere. The interactive whiteboard also makes it easier for you and the tutor to stay on the same page while trying to code together. Plus, every session of yours is recorded and is accessible later via the student dashboard so you can easily revisit any session when required.

24*7 Online Support

The online support team at Fine Grades is proactive and very approachable. They are available for your help 24*7 and can be reached via the online chat.

Affordable Fees

Our tutoring fees start at just $15 per session which is quite affordable for students coming from different economic backgrounds. Plus the value addition you get in your knowledge truly justifies the cost you invest with us. Also, we do not seek any long-term commitments so you only pay for the sessions you use.

So, why wait to find a tutor in your area? Reach out to our team today to book a free demo.

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