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Students aspire for lucrative careers in fields that need a concrete understanding of mathematics. However, some of you may fail to build a strong foundation in math at school for various reasons such as short attention span, studying in a highly competitive environment, peer pressure, self-doubt, etc. As a result by the time you reach college, you find yourself struggling to catch up as the teacher is already pacing ahead with advanced concepts. You may feel lost and the phobia of math continues to grow. If you want to counter this sentiment try reaching out to a math tutor when the time is still right.

There is absolutely no harm in looking for a private math tutor to help you with math if you feel you are lagging behind whether you’re in school or college. A simple search for math tutor near me will give you access to numerous math tutors online.  At Fine Grades, we can help you to find a math online tutor who is well-trained and experienced and will create a conducive environment for you to learn math.  Since you have already done your bit to search for a math tutor near me and have reached Fine Grades, we assure you that we will put our best foot forward to help you book the best online math tutor.

Topics Covered in Math Online Tutoring

The majority of students search for math online tutor since math has been one of the most dreaded subjects for millions of students around the world. Math is introduced to children at a very early age as it is a core subject that finds its use throughout our lives. It is the basis of STEM learning as science, technology, and engineering all depend on mathematics.

Now that you are moving ahead in school, you must have realised the importance of having a math tutor since a sound understanding of the basics is essential to take up more advanced math studies at college levels.  Even if your college specialisation is not into hardcore math but some semesters do have a few math topics it is wise to opt for math tutoring service to avoid feeling under-confident.

If you are getting stuck in any area of mathematics and need some assistance to perform well in your exams you can search for a math tutor near me and reach out to a Fine Grades’ math tutor. Though math is a vast stream, there are certain common topics that our math tutor found students generally struggling with.  With Fine Grades’ math tutoring service you can opt for the best online math tutor to help you in the following areas of mathematics:


Considered one of the toughest branches of math, algebra involves applying arithmetic operations to letters and symbols. Students searching for a math online tutor commonly struggle with algebra since there is a lot taught in this subject at school level and further the same knowledge builds up the base for college algebra. The college-level algebra also includes pre-algebra, algebra I, and algebra II. So, if you too are facing difficulty in algebra, simply typing math tutor near me the search bar has landed you on this page. It is that easy to book a session with a Fine Grades’ math online tutor to help you brush up the fundamentals along with learning your present-day algebra prescribed in your syllabus.


A good number of students studying calculus also end up searching for the best online math tutor since it is another important subset of math that is used extensively in the field of physics, biology, economics, astronomy, and medicine. Calculus helps us understand changes between values that are related by a function.  Students hoping to build a career in these fields opt for first-semester calculus, but, without a math tutoring service, almost 1/4th of these students fail to clear the exams and end up opting out of the STEM courses.

However, you need not give up on your dream career if you are getting stuck with calculus; a math online tutor is just one click away. The scenario can change in your favor all you need is to Google search for private math tutors near me. Fine Grades’ math tutoring service will give you the best online math tutor to help you revisit the basics taught under AP calculus and pre-calculus during school and structure your tuitions according to your curriculum.


A lot of searches for private math tutors near me also come from students who want to get enrolled in 2-or 4-year college programs which has trigonometry as a part of their curriculum.  Since trigonometry builds upon the basics of algebra I and algebra II, you can seek assistance from online math tutoring service and hire a math tutor to teach you trigonometry. Some of the topics taught by a math tutor online in trigonometry include dot product, scalar multiplication, hyperbolas, parabolas, inverse functions, exponential functions, and not forget the basics.


Statistics has been termed as the backbone of data-driven professions such as science, manufacturing, information technology, business corporates, etc. It involves the collection, summarization, and analysis of data to make logical decisions. Since statistics today finds its use in almost every field, students need to have a strong foundation and there is no harm in seeking help from FineGrades’ math tutoring service to study statistics from a math online tutor. Some of the common topics where students need the help of the best online math tutor include measures of dispersion, Central Limit Theorem, inferential statistics, graphs and data, hypothesis testing p-value, probability, confidence intervals, etc.

Whether you choose a FineGrades’ math tutor for any particular topic mentioned above or search for a math tutor near me to cover all bases, an online math tutor will do his best to align his math tutoring service with your classroom studies. Since every individual is unique, the way of learning under a math online tutor should also be personalized, which can only be done by opting for the best math tutor at FineGrades.

Benefits of Hiring a FineGrades’ Math Tutor

You will agree that majority of the students struggle because their basics are not concrete. At FineGrades, we aim to bridge this gap in a student’s learning path by providing the best math tutor online. Since your tutors have once been in your situation, they understand your struggles and try to work around the common problem areas to make every student excel in their careers. FineGrades’ math tutor are up for challenges and work patiently with you through multiple practice sessions so that when the time of exam approaches, you are confident enough with a sound understanding of mathematical concepts. Some of the key benefits of hiring a math tutor at FineGrades are:

Choose from expert tutors

Our panel of math online tutor has some of the most skilled and experienced professionals that are chosen after a stringent screening process. They use their industry knowledge to de-complex difficult math concepts for you to grasp and apply in your exams.  Since FineGrades’ math tutor work with a lot of elementary/college students as well with different aptitudes, they are accustomed to teaching at different paces. Each prolific math tutor uses different approaches to teach the same concept until you have a firm hold on the topic. Since we associate with the best of the best math online tutor, rest assured that you are in safe hands and will not be disappointed by associating with FineGrades.

One-to-one learning

If you have been searching for a math tutor near me, we assume that you are in search of one-to-one teaching. Since classrooms are full of students, it is difficult to get all your doubts cleared from your teacher. With FineGrades’ math tutor you get one-to-one classes in the comfort of your home. They work closely with you focused on your weak areas to make sure you cope up quickly.

Full attention of the tutor

There is a lot of disparity in the student-teacher ratio hence it can get difficult for teachers to give you individual attention. Having a math online tutor will take away this drawback of classroom learning. While searching for a math tutor near me at Fine Grades you will have a dedicated best online math tutor at your disposal who will give you his full attention and share his/her vast knowledge on the subject.

Our experts always clear your doubts

While looking for private math tutors near me there may be several online options of a math tutor to choose from, but their prime objective is to simply complete the course in the stipulated time. However, Fine Grades’ math tutor is always there to clear your doubts. Their experience and know-how make them the best online math tutor which reflects in the examples they use to answer your queries. No matter how long it takes, they will not proceed to the next topic until they are sure that you have thoroughly understood a concept.

Each math tutor follows a customised study routine

Our math tutoring service does not believe in ‘one size fits all’. We select some of the best online math tutor who understand that each student is unique and comes with different baggage. A Fine Grades’ math online tutor will initially spend some time to understand your understanding of a subject and what your expectations are when you look for private math tutors near me. Your tutor will then work with you to gauge your weak areas and prepare a customized study plan that falls in line with your tuition objective. He/she will also make sure that you complete your syllabus well in advance so that you have ample time to practice along with your math tutor. So when the time of the final exam comes, you are already a PRO at what you were lagging behind.

Our tutors are highly flexible

The biggest struggle for students is to spare some time out of their busy and hectic schedules. Students frequently search for math tutor near me who can teach at odd hours since their days are jam-packed with classes, group assignments, extra-classes, hobby classes, etc. We take pride in our best online math tutor as they are quite flexible with their timings and can work around your schedule. You can simply search for private math tutors near me to book a tutoring session anytime to catch up in your math classes without compromising on any of your daily engagements.

We provide recorded lessons that you can revisit anytime

Another advantage of hiring a Fine Grades’ best online math tutor is that all the one-to-one lessons are recorded. Hence, you can re-visit and re-understand any concept anytime that you get stuck with.

We aim for affordable online tuitions

We understand that taking private tuitions from a math online tutor can seem a costly affair and can discourage you or your parents from shelling out big bucks. But rest assured as Fine Grades’ aims to offer the most affordable rates that won’t put a burden on your savings. You need not commit a large amount for long-term tuitions. Each tutoring session starts at just $15 and you only pay for what you use.  Fine Grades aims that every student can have access to the best of brains in mathematics at industry competent rates.

Your search for private math tutors near me can successfully end here and you can gear up now to get trained by industry experts.

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