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Ever Wondered Why Hiring a Private Chemistry Tutor Online is in Trend?

Chemistry is a vast discipline and difficult science to master. It has a vocabulary of its own on which the advanced concepts are built on. Students who are mathematically challenged or have a faint understanding of the basics often struggle with the subject. It is a stream of science that uses both memorizing and problem-solving. While you can memorize the 118 elements and rules of thumb, at some point, sooner or later, you need to stop memorizing and start thinking which makes it difficult for some students to put the concepts into context. More and more students are turning to private tuitions and hiring a chemistry tutor online to help them understand the origin and application of the fundamentals and advanced concepts of chemistry.

Also, since teachers at schools and colleges need to cramp up the entire syllabus in a limited amount of time, they need to move swiftly through the classes and may not be able to address individual queries. As a result, students may hold on to scientifically wrong ideas for years that reflect in their poor scores. Students who wish to develop a new microscopic way of thinking in chemistry are now searching for the ‘best chemistry tutors near me’.

Online tutoring platform Fine Grades is bridging the gap by connecting students with a chemistry tutor online to help them focus on their areas of improvement, prepare a solid study plan, build a strong foundation in the core concepts, and improve the confidence and proficiency in the subject.

Why is chemistry important to study?

Chemistry is the study of matter; every entity, including our bodies, is made up of matter. Millions of chemical reactions occur in our bodies as we sleep, eat, or even breathe. In fact, even in our daily lives, we use chemistry in different areas such as cooking, cleaning, and medical treatments.

Chemistry has been termed as a central science since it is an amalgamation of math, physics, biology, and other natural sciences. Whether you pursue a profession directly related to chemistry or not, understanding how different substances combine and separate, their properties, and their interaction with other matter and energy gives us an insight into various physical and biological phenomena.

For better or worse, but everything around us has a chemical composition, and having a solid foundation in chemistry helps us comprehend the physical universe we live in.

Chemistry can be tough to Crack. Can hiring a Chemistry Tutor Online Help?

If you have been slogging day and night out with periodic elements, chemical theorems, isomerism, or the kinetic molecular theory; do not psych yourself out. Since everything today is online and just a click away, why not an online chem tutor? A simple online search of ‘chemistry tutor near me’ will help you connect with the best online chemistry tutor on Fine Grades to relearn the basics and to understand more complex applications.

A chemistry tutor online at Fine Grades can help you with any topic of chemistry without the need of stepping out of your home. Whether you are a high school freshman or a graduate student who has just begun with the advanced topics, an online chem tutor can help you understand both using alternative approaches that can be as good as or better than face-to-face learning. The perk of having a tutor online is that you get custom-made lessons focused on your weak areas that are also in-tune with your classroom syllabus. These lessons can be undertaken at flexible study hours.

Since classrooms are buzzing with students coming from different backgrounds and levels of learning, if you feel you have a weak foundation in chemistry you may hesitate to clear your doubts in the class. It acts as a setback for students already struggling to keep up. On the other hand, live sessions with a private chemistry tutor give you the freedom to ask as many questions as you want without the fear of being judged by your peers or the professor. Also, since chemistry is a vast subject and students have limited time at hand, an online chem tutor can provide you clear and concise learning in the shortest span of time.

Also, in addition to picking up the pieces where you are lagging, the best chemistry tutor can help you with your textbook questions to give you a different perspective on scientific methods and to aid inclusive learning. Besides giving you the feel of a traditional classroom, an online chem tutor at Fine Grades will use the interactive whiteboard to explain your theorems and solve equations step-by-step for easy understanding. An online tutor can also teach you time management and stress management to perform better in your student and professional life.

So you need not give up when the going gets tough, all you need to do is go to Google and search for the ‘best chemistry tutors near me!’

Some Of The Concepts Covered By Chemistry Tutors Online At Fine Grades

A chemistry tutor at Fine Grades, through each live session, can assist you to build up a rock-solid foundation in chemistry and transition smoothly to higher studies or a career of your liking.  School and college students generally search for an online chemistry tutor to understand the following basics and complex topics in chemistry:

  • Acids and bases
  • Solids, liquids, and gases
  • Periodic properties of elements
  • Matter and its interactions; structure, properties, and classification
  • Molecular structure
  • Polymerization
  • Isomerism
  • Atomic theory
  • Oxidation reduction
  • Chemical reactions
  • Electrochemistry
  • Organic chemistry
  • Nuclear chemistry
  • Kinetics and chemical equilibrium
  • Thermochemistry and thermodynamics
  • Electromagnetic radiation
  • Nuclear processes
  • Solutions and colloids
  • Chemical bonding and molecular geometry
  • Energy in chemical processes; conservation of energy and energy transfer
  • Relationship between energy and forces
  • Forces and motion
  • Waves and properties
  • Stoichiometry of chemical reactions
  • Motion and Stability: Forces and interactions

Chemistry Can Provide You a Fulfilling Career

A strong foundation in the subject opens doors to multiple avenues such as chemical research, agrochemicals, metallurgy, petrochemicals, quality control, academia, government sector, non-profit organizations, law and policy, etc. A graduate in chemistry can also explore successful careers in the food and drink industry, health and medical organizations, environmental consultancies, water companies, etc.

Some of the popular career options that you can explore as a chemistry graduate are:

  • Analytical Chemist
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Chemistry Teacher
  • Forensic Scientist
  • Environmental Chemist
  • Geochemist or Geoscientist
  • Hazardous Waste Chemist
  • Materials Scientist
  • Pharmacologist
  • Toxicologist
  • Water Chemist
  • Agricultural Engineer
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Food Service Manager
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Health Educator
  • Pharmacist
  • Medical Scientist

Why Is Going Online a Better Way To Learn Chemistry?

Students need to get comfortable with technology and online learning since it will be the mode of education in the coming future. Every profession today, besides having a firm grip on the core subjects, requires a prospective candidate to have a sound knowledge of computing skills. Even at Fine Grades, our tutors are screened not only on their in-depth know-how of the subject but also on how technically efficient they are at using computers as a medium of teaching.

An online platform like Fine Grades is the best medium for learning that incorporates technology such as multimedia tools, live video sessions, personalized lesson plans, and facilitates immediate feedback. Students rummaging the internet for the ‘best chemistry tutors near me’ are already a step ahead in their learning than those who are still contemplating between a private tutor and a chemistry tutor online.

Online tutoring platforms help you overcome the limitations of space and time as they give you the option to choose anytime anywhere from the best tutors around the world who have excellent academic records and expertise. That is not possible with traditional tutoring since you are only dependent on the tutors in your vicinity. Since time is a big constraint with students, you also have the convenience to take tuitions without stepping out of our home and waste time commuting.

Parents of younger students can also keep track of their learning and are assured that their children are learning in a safe environment. Online tutoring also provides a certain level of anonymity to all the students that give them a level of comfort in approaching a chemistry tutor online.

Why Choose Fine Grades for the Best Chemistry Tutor?

We go through a stringent screening process to ensure that each student that reaches out to us gets the best chemistry tutor. Every tutor at Fine Grades boasts of an excellent academic background, approachable and patient personalities, and the ability to gauge a student’s level of understanding. Numerous students around the world have had fruitful sessions with our tutors and can vouch for our transparent and efficient services. If you have been endlessly searching for a ‘chemistry tutor near me’ your search can successfully end at Fine Grades.

Fine grades has an array of some of the best online chemistry tutors who can handle both school and college level chemistry queries and give solutions keeping in mind the aptitude of the students. For example, for a high-school student our online tutor will use interactive and visual tools to help them learn the elements of the periodic table. On the other hand, the best online chemistry tutor will use diagrams, references, case studies, or presentations to explain complex reactions or processes to college students.

At Fine Grades, you can get personalized one-to-one sessions to supplement your classroom learning by focusing on the topics you are struggling with. Online tuitions with a Fine Grades’ best chemistry tutor gives you a platform to clear even the most minuscule of doubt without hesitation. Our chemistry tutor will keep revisiting a particular topic until the concept is crystal clear in your mind. Besides teaching chemistry our online chem tutor will also help you prepare for standardized tests by improving your study skills using multiple practice sessions and tests.

Chemistry tutors at Fine Grades use a mix of methodologies for teaching that includes the use of an interactive whiteboard, video sessions, document sharing, etc. A tutor will also spend some time initially to do a SWOT analysis with the students to assess their strengths and weaknesses in the subject. Our chemistry tutor will let you have complete control of your learning and will allow you to decide how you want your sessions conducted.  Our online chem tutor will also ensure that your syllabus is completed well before time. You then have enough time to practice balancing chemical equations along with the tutor and solve numerical problems based on thermodynamics, or revise topics such as hydrocarbons, chemical equilibrium, etc.

Many highschoolers and college students shy away from searching for a ‘chemistry tutor near me’ as they feel it will be an added financial burden. However, at Fine Grades, you pay for what you use, i.e., you only need to pay for the number of sessions that you undertake with our tutors. Each session starts at a fairly reasonable rate, as low as $15 which is quite affordable compared to other pricy only tutoring platforms. Also, each session with your best online chemistry tutor is recorded, so even after you have completed your tuitions you have all these classes at your disposal for reference. So whether you need assistance to cope with your syllabus, prepare for your end-term exams, or learn the tricks and skills to clear the standardized exam, reach out to Fine Grades today to learn with the best chemistry tutor.

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