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Is Biochemistry Difficult to Learn? Why Do Students Search for Biochemistry Tutor Online?

Biochemistry is the study of various chemical processes that take place at the molecular level inside living organisms. It is the juncture between biology and chemistry, particularly organic chemistry. While the definition seems pretty simple, the coursework with the vast topics that this field of science encompasses is far beyond simple, and in fact, can be mind-boggling for students being inducted into biochemistry.  

Since biochemistry uses the concepts of both biology and chemistry, students who do not have a solid foundation in the subjects find it difficult to understand the chemical reactions and complex biological processes. Moreover, biochemistry is heavily dependent on memorization. Remembering a myriad of concepts such as amino acids, carbohydrates, Kreb cycle, citric acid cycle, or lipids is nothing less than a nightmare. Students facing difficulty to grasp these complex biological systems, enzyme structures, and metabolic processes often search for ‘biochemistry tutor near me’ to seek the help of a biochemistry tutor online.

Students pursuing a major in biochemistry also find it challenging to develop the vocabulary and apply the knowledge of these memorized concepts to new materials. Since biochemistry is also a practical subject, it demands putting the concepts into practice in real life for which students again need the help of a biochem tutor to go beyond the books and dig deeper into the subject.

Besides these personal limitations, students also search for biochemistry tutor online since professors at college bear the responsibility of many students and are highly bound by time constraints to complete the syllabus in time. Due to this, they often fail to provide individual attention to each student to bolster their understanding of such complex processes. Therefore, students are dependent on the extra help of a private biochem tutor to pick up the pieces missed in the classrooms.

If you too can relate to the above shortcomings and find it hard to process the boatload of information, there is nothing wrong in searching for a ‘biochemistry tutor near me’. You can reach out to Fine Grades to connect with a biochemistry tutor online and take your biochem knowledge to the next level.

What Is Biochemistry and Why is it Important?

Biochemistry involves the application of chemical concepts to the study of biological processes in living organisms, at both cellular and molecular level. It is a practical lab-based science that binds biology with chemical knowledge and techniques to understand the complex chemical reactions occurring inside different life forms. It helps to study components such as proteins, lipids, and organelles, and understand biological processes such as how cells communicate with each other, and how the structure of a molecule relates to its function. This knowledge allows biochemists to work along with chemists, physicists, healthcare professionals, policymakers, and engineers to solve numerous biological problems.

The fundamental roles performed by a biochemist include:

  • Supporting the explanations for the causes of diseases in humans, animals, and plants
  • Suggesting ways by which such diseases may be treated or cured
  • Providing new ideas and performing experiments to understand how life works
  • Contributing innovative information to the technological revolution

The advances made in biochemistry over the past couple of decades have been tremendous, especially in the field of medicine, veterinary medicine, agriculture, and biotechnology. With new technologies developing in life science at exponential rates, it is the right time to study biochemistry to gain access to exciting new fields such as molecular genetics and bioengineering.

A degree in biochemistry is also imperative for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), a standardized test accepted by almost all accredited medical schools across the USA and Canada. If you plan to join a medical school to pursue higher studies, now will be the right time to search for a ‘biochemistry tutor near me’ to master the subject as well as equip yourself with the right test-taking skills to achieve a good score in your exam.

Can Biochemistry Tutor Online Simplify The Subject for Me?

Biochemistry is a niche subject; therefore, finding a knowledgeable private biochemistry tutor online can be an asset for your learning journey. Since you have already searched for a ‘biochemistry tutor near me’, you must have come across the benefits of studying with a biochemistry tutor online in a one-to-one setting.

The flexibility and personalization that an online biochem tutor can provide are unparalleled compared to studying with a tutor in your vicinity. By connecting with a biochem tutor online, you are no longer at the mercy of the teacher to clear your doubts or are bound by his availability to plan your day. Studying with a biochemistry tutor online gives you the liberty to create a study schedule as per your comfort. 

Online tutoring gives you the freedom to learn at your own pace and choose your preferred learning style. So if you are a visual learner, your tutor can use more diagrams, charts, and graphs for a better explanation, or if you are an audio learner, he/she can rely more on verbal lectures and discussions. Similarly, if you are a kinesthetic learner, your tutor can suggest you at-home experiments to learn by doing.

An online tutor can also plan out your session keeping in mind your strong and weak areas in the subject. E.g., you can study in vivo vs. in vitro in-depth, or spend more time with your private biochemistry tutor to understand structures of molecules, protein folding, or any other concept that baffles you. Since biotechnology studies advanced concepts of biology and chemistry, your biochemistry tutor online can revisit the basics and connect it to the present course. E.g. your biochemistry tutor can revise how the WBCs help ward off infection and then proceed to explain in terms of biochemistry that how these cells relay the information to corresponding cells during a foreign invasion.

Studying with online tutors allows you to stop your tutor at any point in time to clear your doubts which you may otherwise hesitate to ask in the classroom or for which your teacher may be unable to provide a detailed explanation. On the other hand, your online biochem tutor can explain to you concepts such as membrane structures, enzyme mechanism, nucleic acids, or glycolysis using fresh alternative approaches and learning aids for better understanding. Since biochemistry also includes a good amount of statistics and calculus, your tutor can use the interactive whiteboard to solve the equations with you step-by-step to understand where you are lacking and suggest the appropriate measures to improve your quantitative skills.

A biochemistry tutor online can plan out practice tests and quizzes to track your progress during your sessions. Your tutor can also suggest relevant reference material and practice papers to build your confidence in the course as well as to gear you up for your end-terms.

Besides providing constant support throughout the course, a biochemistry tutor online at Fine Grades can help you prepare for your end-of-course exam or standardized tests such as MCAT or ASBMB certification. A biochemistry tutor can familiarize you with the exam format and simulate the exam environment by giving you timed practice tests. Since you are connected with your private biochemistry tutor face-to-face on a live-learning platform, your tutor can give you immediate feedback and correct you on the spot if you make any mistakes.

Some Of The Topics Covered By Our Biochemistry Tutors

Since, biochemistry is an amalgamation of different disciplines a biochemistry tutor online can assist you in developing a clear understanding of genetics, forensics, plant science, microbiology, and medicine.

Mentioned here are the diverse topics that a biochem tutor at Fine Grades can help you with:

  • Amino acids and protein sequence
  • Properties of life's medium: water
  • Protein structure and function
  • Protein purification and analysis
  • Enzyme kinetics and enzyme mechanisms
  • Coenzymes
  • Metabolism
  • pH
  • Carbohydrate metabolism
  • Lipids and membranes
  • Lipid metabolism
  • Photosynthesis
  • Catabolism of Lipids
  • Glycolysis
  • Citric acid cycle
  • Electron transport and ATP synthesis
  • Amino-acid metabolism
  • Nucleotide metabolism
  • Ketones, sterols, and isoprenoids
  • Nucleic acids
  • Replication and DNA repair
  • Bioinformatics
  • Membrane proteins and membrane structure
  • Mitochondrial electron transport

Why Choose Fine Grades For a Private Biochemistry Tutor?

Certified Tutors

Fine Grades takes great care in selecting only the best tutors by doing a thorough background check of every prospective tutor. Only those tutors make it to our platform that can demonstrate exceptional teaching abilities, in-depth knowledge in the subject, and are backed by an excellent academic record. We also have onboard ASBMB certified tutors and biochemists that have been working for years in the industry and are eager to share their hand-on knowledge with the students as well as support their career goals.

Customized One-to-One Sessions

Providing customized tutoring sessions is the biggest USP of associating with a biochemistry tutor online at Fine Grades. Our online tutor will begin with a quick interaction session to understand your strengths and weakness, your study plan, and what you wish to achieve through the tutoring sessions. A Fine Grades’ tutor will accordingly structure your tutoring sessions adhering to your learning style and keeping your weak zones in focus. Your tutor will use a mix of audio-visual tools such as short videos, infographics, and presentations, as well as, practical assignments to make your sessions more effective. Tutors at Fine Grades are relentless in their efforts and will continue explaining a topic over and over until you have a clear understanding of the subject. Fine Grades’ tutors will also try to complete the syllabus well in advance so that you have enough time to review your course.

Live Learning Platform

Fine Grades boasts of an easy-to-use and interactive live-learning platform that will allow you to connect with your biochem tutor via video or live chat. The online platform can also be accessed over a smartphone or tablet with a secure internet connection so that you can attend your tutoring session from practically anywhere. The interactive whiteboard integrated with the platform also makes it convenient for the student and the tutor to solve problems together. The entire experience will be as good as being present in the same room as your tutor.

Flexible Study Time

Fine Grades curates skilled tutors from different parts of the world who are highly approachable and flexible with their availability and will put their best foot forward to meet your scheduling requirements. If you are busy with your classes and other commitments during the weekdays, our tutors can make themselves available over the weekends. If you are an early riser, they can also plan your sessions in the mornings.

24*7 Online Support

Since our tutors reside in different time zones, Fine Grades has availability of tutors 24*7. Our support team is also very proactive; we can make a quick note of your academic requirements and arrange a tutor matching your criteria in no time. Even if you are stuck at a concept a day before your exam, a tutor will be made available to you in less than 24 hours to clear your last-minute doubts. 

Affordable Prices

Fine Grades provides tutoring sessions at reasonable and competent prices starting at $15 for two sessions (60 minutes each). Another advantage is that at Fine grades you only pay for the number of sessions you undertake so you need not fear blocking your money in advance. Also, you do not need to share your credit card details to book a free demo with us.

Great Reviews

Students across the globe who have hired a biochemistry tutor at Fine Grades can vouch for our seamless learning platform and excellent services. Fine Grades is working round the clock to stay true to its mission to democratize education and make it affordable for all.

Such services are hard to match. So, if you are still searching for a ‘biochemistry tutor near me’, let Fine Grades take it from here. Book a free demo with us today!

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