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Did you just browse the search engine looking for the ' Best AP physics tutor near me?' Well, fret no more. We, at FineGrades, strive to help you find an experienced and qualified AP Physics tutor who will not only help you avail of a better understanding of the subject but ensure that your test results only get better.

AP Physics 1 and AP Physics 2 are the two pivotal college-level courses, which offer insight into Physics' fundamentals. These are the foundation courses for individuals wanting to work in pre-medicine, life sciences, and other applied science. Any AP physics teacher associated with FineGrades will emphasize the intuitive understanding of the Physics principles, creativity, and experimental investigation. Throughout your association with them, they will employ open-ended questions to gauge your ability. Depending on your agility to grasp the subject, they will plan their further sessions with you.   

What is AP Physics? How will your AP Physics Tutor help you?

Physics is not an easy subject, and as we have been an active part of the education industry for a while, we entirely understand and agree that AP Physics is one of the hardest of them all. At times, it is hard for the students to grasp the subject in a classroom because not all of us can keep up with our professors' pace. Students who have concerns about their AP Physics homework and examinations’ performance can benefit from FineGrades online tutoring facility.

Your chosen AP physics tutor online will offer you the desired guidance to enable you to ace your tests for both AP Physics 1 and AP Physics 2. In the tutoring session, the tutor will first ask you a few questions about the subject matter. With this advanced assessment of your understanding of the different concepts of AP Physis, he will tailor the sessions to ensure that all your problem areas are worked upon. Consequently, you will score better on your AP Physics tests.

We give a thorough emphasis on mathematical reasoning to emphasize a physical situation, interpret biological information, explain or describe the flow of steps in an analysis, and a lot more. More so, the tutor will also provide you valuable tips on laboratory-related questions, which will enable you to interpret the data, display it in a tabular or graphical form, analyze errors, comprehend results, and conclude.

AP Physics Course Structure

At FineGrades, we understand that as much as you aspire to do well in life, your primary goal is to score well in your AP Physics test. So, in your sessions with the AP physics tutor online, the teacher will cover all the topics and chapters included in AP Physics 1 and AP Physics 2.

Here we will enlist the topics that will be covered.

AP Physics 1.

It is sub-divided into ten units, and your educator will break-down and organize the content of these ten units in a manner that works well for you. 

Unit 1: Kinematics 

Unit 2: Dynamics

Unit 3: Circular Motion and Gravitation 

Unit 4: Energy 

Unit 5: Momentum 

Unit 6: Simple Harmonic Motion 

Unit 7: Torque and Rotational Motion 

Unit 8: Electric Charge and Electric Force

Unit 9: DC Circuits 

Unit 10: Mechanical Waves and Sound

AP Physics 2

It is subdivided into seven units, which cover a bunch of different topics. This subject is included in the second semester of the college curriculum. Your AP physics tutor will closely work with you and help you understand the different concepts.

AP Physics 2 is a part of the 2nd semester subject of the Physics curriculum in the Algebra-based college course. In this, your mentor will help you understand the facts behind every theory by studying the theoretical aspects from the textbooks and guiding you into performing the lab experiments.

The units covered are:

Unit 1: Fluids 

Unit 2: Thermodynamics

Unit 3: Electric Force, Field, and Potential 

Unit 4: Electric Circuits 

Unit 5: Magnetism and Electromagnetic Induction 

Unit 6: Geometric and Physical Optics 

Unit 7: Quantum, Atomic, and Nuclear Physics 

Career opportunities after studying AP Physics

The knowledge and understanding of AP Physics will help you score better in your college exams and be your foundation if you wish to pursue a career further in this branch of study. Thus, studying from an AP physics tutor who can clear your concepts and get you ready for a rewarding career ahead can be quite beneficial.

Some of the career options, which open up for you are:

1. Aerospace Engineering

2. Architecture

3. Chemistry

4. Agricultural Engineering

5. Astronomy

6. Chemical Engineering

7. Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology

8. Biomedical Engineering

9. Computer Science

10. Civil Engineering

11. Geology

12. Nuclear Engineering

13. Materials Engineering

Why should you opt for an AP physics tutor online? 

When you are on the lookout for an 'AP physics tutor near me' to help you with your studies, the first obvious challenge you may face is - should you go with an online tutor or an offline tutor? Well, we recommend online. But why? Read below to find out.


When you hire an AP physics tutor online, you get a one-to-one interaction and a relaxed session with your tutor at half the cost compared to what you may get offline.


In an online class, you can schedule the session as per your time and schedule. More so, you sit at your home and learn without stepping out of your house. What could be more convenient? 

Learn at your pace

 Since you and your teacher are together in a one-to-one session, that gives you additional leisure to clarify your doubts, and the tutor will only move forward till your last concept is straightforward. You can ask your questions by writing them, uploading them, or drawing them over in the whiteboard session. The teacher will work with you at your pace. 

Can revise later

Hiring a high school AP physics tutor from FineGrades would mean that you will record the sessions. So, this means that if there is ever confusion, you can go back and revise what was being taught again.

Why should you choose an AP physics teacher from FineGrades?

When you searched for 'AP Physics tutor near me,' FineGrades popped in the search result for a reason. Here, we will discuss a few of them.

An extensive selection of educators

At FineGrades, when you look for an AP physics tutor online, you will find more than 700 qualified tutors who are here to sail you through the Physics learning process effortlessly. Our platform will help you connect with certified professionals who are adept in Physics tutoring. So, once you state your needs, we will do our best to match you with an educator who is closest to catering to them.

We will help you with your assignments.

For us, your success is the only possible result. So, your chosen AP Physics tutor will not only help you understand the concepts and the subject, but they will also help you cope with challenging assignments. Hence, if you ever have any doubts about your Physics class, you can use our user-friendly platform and seek help from your mentor. Be assured to receive an ‘A grade’ in your assignments with your chosen AP physics teacher.

Study at your schedule from the comfort of your home

Online tutoring is one of the most efficient and fastest ways of skill development, achieving a desirable degree, scoring good marks in your test, and elevating your knowledge. Our teachers understand that there are days when you are overburdened by homework and cannot take a session. There is never a rush; you can schedule a session as per your convenience and enjoy an insightful Physics class from the comfort of your home.

You will get the best.

Every FineGrades AP physics tutor online is an experienced and qualified professional hired by us after a thorough screening process. We understand that you require the best. So, we will give you nothing but the best.


We know that you are a student, and your budget is limited. It is for this reason why the prices charged by our tutor platform is very reasonable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1. How safe is FineGrades?

Ans. For us at FineGrades, teaching is more than just a profession. It is our commitment towards you and a matter of responsibility and pride that we take seriously. Of course, we do collect your personal information. But, we are cautious at every step and ensure that this information is safe in our systems.

Ques 2. What are the qualifications of the tutors?

Ans. FineGrades has a challenging screening process. We always hire friendly, supportive, professional teachers from top-tier colleges who are thorough with their subject and have a deep understanding of student psychology. Yes, the experience and qualifications vary from one tutor to another, but we assure you that we will connect you with the best. Our teachers must have a bachelor's degree, but several of them even have a doctorate in the subject. 

Ques 3. Can I get a demo session?

Ans. Yes, most definitely, you can. We understand you are skeptical about an online class. So, you can speak to our customer support representative and book a free demo. We recommend a guardian attend the demo session to understand the academic connection built up between our tutor and your prodigy.

Ques 4. Can you help me with the assignments too?

Ans. Our aim at FineGrades is to help you better understand the subject and ensure that you succeed in your tests and examinations. So, yes, our tutors will also help you with your college assignments. It even applies to the times when the topic being worked upon in your classroom is much ahead of the topic going on in the one-to-one session with your online Physics AP tutor. 

Ques 5. What if I am not satisfied?

Ans. We hope and believe that you will never be faced with such a situation, but in case something like that happens, you can immediately contact our customer support representatives, and they will provide you with the best remedial solution instantly. 

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